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Scrumptious's Bio and Free Webcam

Nome real:
Data de Nascimento:
16 de Fevereiro de 1992
Interessado em:
Homens, Mulheres, Casais
sleepy hollow
Última Emissão:
3 horas, 47 minutos
Língua (s):
english ... do u speak it?!
Fumo / Bebida:
no / occasional
Pics & Videos:
Sobre Mim:

hey guest pervs, why dont u sign up and get any vid u want?!

u could take me prvt ... u could even become a cammodel urself

so whats holdin u back?! oh ur wife ? gf? they wont know ;)

with the following link u can sign up for free and u can even find my profile all the time ... /UHEAS/?track=default&room;=scrumptious

so if u feel like u wanna buy a video while im offline u can do that ...

i check my stats as soon i have time and send out ur mail

i didnt enter an adress, so if you want to buy me something off of my wishlist,

please send me an amazon gift card and tell me, what you want me to get and ill buy it

my mail for giftcards is:

Lista de desejos:

my email for giftcards is: