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Scarletloveu's Bio and Free Webcam

Nome real:
Scarlet Loveu
Data de Nascimento:
18 de Janeiro de 1999
Interessado em:
Homens, Mulheres, Trans, Casais
Última Emissão:
1 dia, 4 horas
Língua (s):
Tipo de Corpo:
Pics & Videos:
Sobre Mim:

    Scarlet Loveu

    Hey guys, welcome to my room! It's hard to explain who I am in a few sentences so let me give you some key points.I love camming, it's been my dream for so long and the fact I can make it a full time job makes me so happy.

    I am trying to learn how to pole dance and occasionally do it on cam. I'm pansexual, so I like girls, guys, and anything in between. I can lick my nipples even though my boobs are small, and I love anything vegan.

    Gaming is my passion, and a great way I've relived stress or boredom as long as I can remember.I love old school games for SNES or gamecube, but also enjoy PC games. I'm a huge LOZ and Mario fan!


    I was born on 1/11/2016 and I'm a White Shepherd Husky mix. I love my hooman but sometimes I bit her butt on cam because I'm a little poop head.

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    • Please respect my chat-moderators
    • Have fun and enjoy!

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