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Princessvivienne's Bio and Free Webcam

Nome real:
Data de Nascimento:
10 de Abril de 1998
Interessado em:
💫✨Blurring lines of fantasy & reality. ✨💫 Follow for the full Fantasy💫
Última Emissão:
5 horas, 18 minutos
Língua (s):
English (fluently)
Tipo de Corpo:
Sobre Mim:

Hi Boys, I am Vivienne.
If you're looking for the perfect fantasy you've found her. I would describe myself as an elegant sophisticated girl with a great sense of humor who likes to dress up in cute outfits..
The only rules in my room are: Be polite, I only talk to generous gentle men! - No directing since I am not acting. - I offer flashes but I am not an article so there are no price tags for my body. Do not expect anything so you won't be disappointed.
My private show is the only place I am going to do toying and etc. or my Hidden Show and I will do that only if there is a lot of tips and posotive vibes in my room..
If you are still wondering why I am here and why YOU SHOULD TIP ME, please go elsewhere, I really judge men like that.
Love, Vivienne <3

Lista de desejos:

2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k, 50k and more single token tips would make me very happy and help a lot to get my car as soon as possible. :)
Saving for a new puppy but costs 40.000 tokens. This is my little goal for now <3
I am saving for an Infinity Q70. Guys! As I write this I haven't left my home for weeks. Having my own car would make my life so much better and happier as I could buy new puppies ( I needed to adopt my puppies. :( ) and bring them to the dog's park. Since I have no family and I can not find a boyfriend as being a webmodel is not a normal job for most men and they are uncapable of take care of me/overlook my past.. Also it is really important as it's my 2nd year I postpone my studies. I would be free and a much happier person. I know I am just a camgirl, but I also deserve respect, since my parents never cared about me, and no one ever loved me, I already accept my destiny as a sexual fetish for men but; I ask you to please open your heart for me and help me my dreams come true. <3